Zach Wilson being benched is hardly shocking.

I begged the New York Jets in an open letter I sent to them here in 2021 not to select Zach Wilson with the second overall pick.

The Jets are to quarterbacks what Hollywood is to marriage, which is why I wrote this. They should let Wilson go to the 49ers, who had the 3rd pick, I advised

Nevertheless, they picked him, and now that it's Year 2, the youngster appears lost. Wednesday saw his benching. That wasn't difficult, was it ? A season and a half. That's how a Jets quarterback lives.

When facing the Patriots on Sunday, he had his worst performance in his brief career, just 9 of 22 passes for 77 yards.

Earlier that week, He has thrown for just 183 yards per game on average over seven games, with four touchdown passes and five interceptions. He is just completing 55% of his passes while averaging only 6.8 yards per attempt.ย 

Only Pittsburgh rookie Kenny Picket, who has been sacked 60 times in 20 career games, has a worse rating among the NFL's starting quarterbacks.