WR George Pickens of the Steelers: "I had a tremendous game."

George Pickens, a rookie wide receiver, was cited and expelled in the final seconds of the Pittsburgh Steelers' 37-30 loss against the Cincinnati Bengals for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Bengals receiver Tyler Boyd. 

Pickens rushed in and late-timed speared Boyd after he had fallen after collecting an onside kick attempt.

When Pickens was questioned about the incident on Thursday, he downplayed the entire incident and said it wasn't a huge problem because it came so late in the game

Pickens made care to emphasize that he had a terrific game and stated that he was more concerned with the remainder of the game.

Pickens' lack of maturity raised questions, and in all honesty, this isn't a good sign.

The Steelers are 3-7 this year and are finding it difficult to maintain any semblance of respect. 

The "team first" mentality that head coach Mike Tomlin advocates is not exactly demonstrated by being okay with being booted because you had a nice game.