The Chargers are hoping to get a little bit more from Keenan Allen against the Cardinals.

Keenan Allen caught the opening throw for 17 yards, and Mike Williams' 15-yard catch allowed him to convert the first third down.

When the Chargers' top two wide receivers returned last weekend against Kansas City, the offense regained some of its earlier swagger as they scored on four of their five first-half possessions.

"You do realize that Keenan and Mike produce their work for a reason?" said center Corey Linsley. 

"Because they're fantastic, they make $20 million or something [each season]. They can make a difference.

Then, with them making a difference, the entire offensive is launched.

Williams' night against the Chiefs came to an abrupt end after he worsened his high ankle sprain during his lone reception.

His performance over the previous two practice days has been seriously questioned.