Neymar hurt his right ankle while helping Brazil win the 1st match of Β World Cup.

After Brazil's 2-0 victory against Serbia on Thursday in the World Cup, Neymar sobbed on the bench and later exited the stadium limping with an enlarged right ankle.

Rodrigo Lasmar, the team physician for Brazil, claimed Neymar damaged his ankle.

While he was sitting on the bench and later in physiotherapy, we applied ice, according to Lasmar.Β 

There isn't a test scheduled right now, but we will if necessary. He'll be watched closely. Tomorrow, we'll learn more.

Neymar will continue to play at the World Cup, according to Brazil coach Tite,Β 

although Lasmar claimed it was too soon to speculate about the severity of the injury.

Neymar sustained an injury at the 2014 World Cup as well. His competition was being played in Brazil at home.